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4-H Fun Day – July 12 at the Kvol’s Ranch

4-H Fun Day Flyer

Exhibit Day

Routt County Fair

 Shooting Sports

2017 4-H Event Results

Livestock Information

Award Sponsors

Award sponsors is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We ask that each member recruit 2 sponsors each year.  These sponsors are for awards at Fair, Achievement Night, Exhibit Day (new this year), Shooting Sports Completion Weekend and Carcass Contest.  Here is a blank sponsorship form.


The Routt County 4-H Handbook is updated yearly.  If you have a question about 4-H you should first read through the 4-H handbook to find the answer.

Career Summary

Every 4-H member should keep a 4-H Career Summary starting with their first year in 4-H.  This is a great way to track your projects, demonstrations and community service projects.  And – maybe you will be nominated as an Outstanding 4-H Members and will need to complete a Career Summary.