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4-H Fun Day – July 12 at the Kvol’s Ranch

4-H Fun Day Flyer

Routt County Fair

Important Dates for 4-H Members and 4-H Fair Schedule

 Shooting Sports

Livestock Information and Animal ID instructions

If you are planning on bringing an animal to the Colorado State Fair please contact the Extension Office before your county weigh-in to get the proper nomination paper work completed.  All sheep and goats going to state fair will need to attend the Moffat County retinal scanning on May 22 at 4pm.

  • Help Sheet for Weights & ADG
  • All animals need to be ID’d in 4HOnline
    • Horse/Dog by May 1
    • All market and breeding livestock, rabbit, poultry by June 1
    • Family Animals need to be ID’d to both family members.
    • Instructions on how to ID your animal can be found on the state 4-H WEBSITE.

NW Colorado Expo for Livestock in Grand County

Award Sponsors

Award sponsors is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We ask that each member recruit 2 sponsors each year.  These sponsors are for awards at Fair, Achievement Night, Exhibit Day (new this year), Shooting Sports Completion Weekend and Carcass Contest.  Here is a blank sponsorship form.


The Routt County 4-H Handbook is updated yearly.  If you have a question about 4-H you should first read through the 4-H handbook to find the answer.

Career Summary

Every 4-H member should keep a 4-H Career Summary starting with their first year in 4-H.  This is a great way to track your projects, demonstrations and community service projects.  And – maybe you will be nominated as an Outstanding 4-H Members and will need to complete a Career Summary.