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Your Guide to Rural Living

Welcome to Rural Living!

Routt County is beautiful, but rural living is nothing like living in the city or suburbs and cannot be treated the same. County governments are not able to provide the same level of service as that of the city. Those who move away from the hassles of the city must understand they will no longer have some conveniences of living in urban and suburban areas. The transition is one of education and discovery.

Routt County is a delicate balance of terrain that supports three main industries: ranching, mining, and recreation. The county currently faces real-life problems of growth and development. The spectacular beauty of the area attracts many permanent and part-time residents. The year-round population of Routt County is approximately 23,500. However, during ski season the population increases dramatically.

Here are some resources to help you adapt to our area:

  • Code of the West
  • Before You Make the Move
  • Before You Build or Buy
  • Minimizing Conflict Between New and Existing Residents
  • Building Codes and Permit Requirements
  • Water Disposal Systems
  • Wildfire
  • Preparing For a Fire
  • Emergency Services and Contacts
  • Open Burning Management Plan
  • Open Burning Notification
  • Rural Roads and Driveways
  • Weed Law Responsibilities
  • Water Rights
  • Water Quality
  • Drinking Water Quality
  • Water Conservation
  • Soils
  • Understanding Soil Sampling
  • Radon Gas in Your Home
  • Living with Wildlife
  • Agriculture Production and Tax Classification
  • Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision
  • Colorado Fence and Trespass Law
  • Right to Farm and Ranch
  • Agricultural Safety
  • Recreational Etiquette and Safety
  • Home Storage of Foods
  • High Altitude Food Preparation
  • Food Safety and Storage