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Due to the popularity of the conference, we are running out of workshop spaces but are currently working on adding additional room to existing workshops and to add workshops.  If you are registering and there is no workshop availability, please continue with your registration, filling out what you can. Look for an email in the next few days with our new additions to choose from and we’ll get you signed up.

Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to hosting you in July!

10:15-11:15am Thursday, July 26th: Session #1

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Garden Like Your Life Depends On It!

Have you thanked your native plants lately? Learn about their benefits and how to fit them into your home landscape and share the love with birds, pollinators, and neighbors. (Karen Vail)

Herb Gardening:

Herbs can be a wonderful addition to any garden. They provide a useful function while also being beautiful and/or aromatic. This workshop will go into the details of growing herbs based on their use as culinary, aromatic, and ornamental additions to your garden and how to grow them in Colorado year-round. It will not discuss the use of medicinal herbs. (Cassey Anderson)

Alpine Plants:

Alpine plants are a great addition to Colorado gardens. They do well in difficult situations, thrive at high elevations and extend the season of interest in the garden. This session will start with what alpines are, how to use them in the garden and some of the best choices for Colorado gardens. (Mike Kintgen)

Water-Efficient Turf Irrigation:

Lawns – even bluegrass – can be kept healthy and attractive with relatively modest amounts of water if you follow some simple lawn irrigation practices. We will discuss the importance of good irrigation system design, irrigation timing, sprinkler head maintenance for irrigating efficiently and  cutting edge irrigation technology that is available to home gardeners today. (Tony Koski)

Noxious & Obnoxious Weeds:

This session will cover different strategies to manage perennial, biennial, and annual weeds. Discussion will focus on herbicide and non-herbicide controls and when to use one or the other.  Greg will be available during lunch on Thursday to answer any questions you may have. (Greg Brown)


Suit up and join local beekeepers as we look inside a working honey bee hive! Here is your chance to get up close to the bees and see what they are doing with the pollen and nectar harvested from your flowers. Suits and veils provided. Please wear closed toed shoes (preferably high-top, like a boot). *Meets OUTSIDE* (Megan Walker)