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Due to the popularity of the conference, we are running out of workshop spaces but are currently working on adding additional room to existing workshops and to add workshops. Don’t worry- there will be space for all!

1:15-2:15pm Thursday, July 26th: Session #2

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Native Plants for Pollinators:

Native plants support pollinators better than introduced species. This presentation will discuss the plants that will provide a season-long buffet for pollinators and, incidentally, color for the gardener. (Irene Shonle)

Growing Good Kids: How to Start a Junior Master Gardener Program in Your Community:

The Junior Master Gardener is a curriculum from Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service. It is modeled after the successful Master Gardener program and offers horticultural and environmental science education through fun and creative activities for elementary school age kids. During this breakout session Jo will share insights from the Routt County program and offer guidance in setting up and implementing a Junior Master Gardener class in your neck of the woods. (Jo Smith)

How to Start a Crevice Garden:

Crevice gardens have become regionally popular with examples being built in many of the regions public gardens. This breakout session will cover the basics of building a crevice garden at home. We will cover what are crevice gardens, how they work, what materials are needed to build them, and talk about basic design and construction along with some popular plant choices. (Mike Kintgen)

Firewise Landscaping – Creating Defensible Space:

Wildfire threats are on the rise, and not just in the mountains and forests. With fire-wise landscaping we can create defensible space around our homes that reduces wildfire threat. This session will help you to understand plant selection options, spacing, gardening maintenance practices, and other considerations for the home and home landscape that can improve the defense against wildfire risks. (John Twitchell)

Home Landscape Irrigation Efficiency:

This presentation will cover all aspects of home landscape irrigation, including both sprinkler and drip irrigation. We’ll talk about the importance of hydrozoning, system installation and maintenance, determining run times, and the interactions of plants, soil and mulch when irrigating your landscape. New technology in landscape irrigation will also be presented. (Tony Koski)


Suit up and join local beekeepers as we look inside a working honey bee hive! Here is your chance to get up close to the bees and see what they are doing with the pollen and nectar harvested from your flowers. Suits and veils provided. Please wear closed toed shoes (preferably high-top, like a boot). *Meets OUTSIDE* (Megan Walker)