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Due to the popularity of the conference, we are running out of workshop spaces but are currently working on adding additional room to existing workshops and to add workshops.  If you are registering and there is no workshop availability, please continue with your registration, filling out what you can. Look for an email in the next few days with our new additions to choose from and we’ll get you signed up.

Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to hosting you in July!

2:45-3:45pm Thursday, July 26th: Session #3

For presenter biographies, CLICK HERE.

Principles of Xeric Gardening:

Xeriscaping is a great approach to gardening that helps homeowners reduce water use and have a beautiful landscape at the same time. In this session you will learn the seven principles of xeriscaping and how to apply them to your landscape for a functional and attractive outdoor space. (Deryn Davidson)

Drawing and Illustrations for Garden Journals:

This session will include demonstrations in basic drawing techniques in pencil and color. (Barbara Flowers)

Plant Select:

Jim Klett will present an overview of the Plant Select program which is a partnership between CSU and the Denver Botanic Garden. Dr. Klett will tell which plants have recently received Plant Select classification and are expected to thrive in our often harsh Colorado climate. (Jim Klett)

Noxious & Obnoxious Weeds:

This session will cover different strategies to manage perennial, biennial, and annual weeds. Discussion will focus on herbicide and non-herbicide controls and when to use one or the other. Greg will be available during lunch on Thursday to answer any questions you may have. (Greg Brown)

The Art and Science of Woody Plant Grafting:

Opportunity to learn the art and science of woody plant grafting. Techniques, tools and woody plant physiology will be discussed and demonstrated. (Curtis Utley)


Suit up and join local beekeepers as we look inside a working honey bee hive! Here is your chance to get up close to the bees and see what they are doing with the pollen and nectar harvested from your flowers. Suits and veils provided. Please wear closed toed shoes (preferably high-top, like a boot). *Meets OUTSIDE* (Megan Walker)