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Due to the popularity of the conference, we are running out of workshop spaces but are currently working on adding additional room to existing workshops and to add workshops.  If you are registering and there is no workshop availability, please continue with your registration, filling out what you can. Look for an email in the next few days with our new additions to choose from and we’ll get you signed up.

Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to hosting you in July!

10:30-11:30am Friday, July 27th: Session #4

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Can I Catch my Water or Must I Release it Too? Gray Water Collection:

This presentation will focus on most recent legislation in Colorado regarding water collection.  Rainwater harvesting is a great way to maximize the natural precipitation that falls on your site. As of August 2016 state laws changed to allow CO residents to collect and store rainwater in barrels. This session will explore the rules and regulations for active rainwater harvesting as well as provide tips and tricks for passive rainwater harvesting and gray water use. (Deryn Davidson)

Garden Like Your Life Depends On It!

Have you thanked your native plants lately?  Learn about their benefits and how to fit them into your home landscape and share the love with birds, pollinators, and neighbors. (Karen Vail)

Alpine Plants:

Alpine plants are a great addition to Colorado gardens; they do well in difficult situations, thrive at high elevations and extend the season of interest in the garden. This break out session will start with what alpines are, how to use them in the garden and some of the best choices for Colorado gardens. (Mike Kintgen)

Use of Pesticides- Understanding Labels and Safety Data Sheets:

This presentation will cover how to interpret important information on the pesticide label and associated safety data sheets. Some of the topics covered include signal words, personal protective equipment, precautionary statements and toxicity. (Tamla Blunt)

Native Trees of the Colorado Mountains:

During this session, we will discover our native mountain tree species, characteristics, and habitats. We will discuss common issues facing trees in our natural and urban forests including insects and diseases. (Carolina Manriquez)


Permaculture is a vision, a set of ethical and practical principles, design systems, and practice. It is aimed at supporting human needs equitably in culturally and environmentally diverse communities while simultaneously promoting the long term health and integrity of both nature and culture. Come tour the Bear Park Permaculture Center on CMC’s campus to see how students are transforming the land to create a food system that mimics the dynamic stability of a healthy ecosystem! *Meets OUTSIDE* (Tina Evans)