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Due to the popularity of the conference, we are running out of workshop spaces but are currently working on adding additional room to existing workshops and to add workshops. Don’t worry- we’ll have room for everyone!

Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to hosting you in July!

1:00-2:00pm Friday, July 27th: Session #5

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Firewise Landscaping- Creating Defensible Space:

Wildfire threats are on the rise, and not just in the mountains and forests. With fire-wise landscaping we can create defensible space around our homes that reduces wildfire threat. This session will help you to understand plant selection options, spacing, gardening maintenance practices, and other considerations for the home and home landscape that can improve the defense against wildfire risks. (John Twitchell)

Why We Garden- Lessons in Vegetable Stupidity:

Growing vegetables at elevation is hard, but we all still do it!  Join Extension’s mountain vegetable expert in a discussion about what works, what doesn’t, and how to manage your own vegetable-growing expectations.  And if you don’t live in the mountains, don’t worry: the lessons learned here can apply anywhere in Colorado’s crazy climate. (Darrin Parmenter)

How to Start a Crevice Garden:

Crevice gardens have become regionally popular with examples being built in many of the regions public gardens. This breakout session will cover the basics of building a crevice garden at home. We will cover what are crevice gardens, how they work, what materials are needed to build them, and talk about basic design and construction along with some popular plant choices. (Mike Kintgen)

Use of Pesticides- Understanding Labels and Safety Data Sheets:

This presentation will cover how to interpret important information on the pesticide label and associated safety data sheets. Some of the topics covered include signal words, personal protective equipment, precautionary statements and toxicity. (Tamla Blunt)

Herb Gardening:

Herbs can be a wonderful addition to any garden. They provide a useful function while also being beautiful and/or aromatic. This workshop will go into the details of growing herbs based on their use as culinary, aromatic, and ornamental additions to your garden and how to grow them in Colorado year-round. It will not discuss the use of medicinal herbs. (Cassey Anderson)


Permaculture is a vision, a set of ethical and practical principles, design systems, and practice. It is aimed at supporting human needs equitably in culturally and environmentally diverse communities while simultaneously promoting the long term health and integrity of both nature and culture. Come tour the Bear Park Permaculture Center on CMC’s campus to see how students are transforming the land to create a food system that mimics the dynamic stability of a healthy ecosystem! *Meets OUTSIDE* (Tina Evans)