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Goodtimes 4-H Club May Report

The Goodtimes 4h group held a meeting over Zoom on May 4th,2020. In this meeting we discussed a barn dance being held on June 13th if the Covid19 guidelines allow it, along with flower planting at the Haven on June 6th. The bowling party that was previously planned has been postponed and we are planning to move the party to after fair. Sponsorship forms are due and need to be turned in to the extension office to help support our fair.

By Reporter Cassidy Wall

Goodtimes 4-H Club March Report

During the Goodtimes meeting on March 2nd, 2020 the group discussed a new date for the group bowling party. The county council meeting will be held on March 4th at the haven in Hayden and March 14th is the 4H ski day at Mount Werner.

By Reporter Cassidy Wall

Goodtimes 4-H Club February Report

At the Goodtimes meeting on February 3rd, 2020 held at the Exhibit Hall, the group discussed a bowling party on March 15th for the club and March 14th is 4-H ski day in Steamboat.

By Reporter Cassidy Wall

Goodtimes 4-H Club January 6th, 2020

At our 4H meeting on January 6th, we discussed our February meeting and wether we are going to have a sledding party with the club or not.

By reporter Cassidy Wall

Goodtimes 4-H Club December 2nd, 2019

At the December meeting, the group discussed a fundraiser happening at Carl’s tavern on the 4th of December and donations are needed for the silent auction. The Goodtimes club is participating in the “Haven Social” members will go to the haven and give out cookies and socialize with the residents on Monday the 23rd. We will be participating in the Hayden tree auction on Sunday, the 8th.

By reporter Cassidy Wall

Goodtimes 4-H Club November 5th, 2019

  • The club is considering bringing a portable scale to members that don’t have access to weigh their animals.
  • Saturday, November 30th the club will participate in the Christmas tree lighting.
  • A tree decorating team has been put together, and we will be providing a tree to the auction this year, along with one the Gonzales family has made

By reporter Cassidy Wall

Goodtimes 4-H club October 7th, 2019 report

Officer election results:

President – Trinity Gonzales

Vice President – Hailee Smith

Secretary – Emily Howe

Treasurer – Leah Carrouth

Reporter – Cassidy Wall

Historian – Jenna Kleckler and Josiee Smith

Good times decided to do a community project to help with childcare during November. A meeting was held about improvements for fair attended by the leaders and was discussed during the meeting. Also discussed included county council applications available online for senior members, 4-H open house on October 16th that includes information for new members and 4-H enrollment is open on October 16th.

Goodtimes 4 H Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2018
Members: 17 Leaders: 2 Parents: 9 Guests: 0

Meeting Attendees: Cassidy, Cody, Morgan, Sydney, Jace, Joseph, Zane, Trinity Danik, Jenna, Josie, Saxon, Dylan, Megan, Chris, Emily, Cece, Emily H. Cassidy C. Leah, Hayle

Called to order – 6:35 p.m.

Club Activity – heads up 7 up

Prior Meeting Minutes and Correspondence – Moved by Trinity

Treasure Report – $1784.99 in total moved by Jenna seconded by Cody

Leaders Update – The club made $300 at the Christmas Tree Auction 4 H enrollment is open, $30 late fee Could sell cookies at Howelsen on Dec. 23, club decided to not participate Haven Holiday Social either on Dec 22 or Jan 5 buy Christmas present and cookies $25 for a hoodie $15 for a t-shirt. Club will pay for half of the t-shirt cost so $600. A member would pay $40 for both t shirt and hoodie/Moved by Jenna seconded by Jace

Old Business – T-shirt and Hoodie design confirmed Enrollment is open.  Can Bin trailer is done, just needs paint.  Make sure members are signed up for refreshments, demonstrations, and can bin

New Business – Haven Holiday Social.  The club made $300 at the Christmas tree auction Hoodie and t shirt would cost members $40 club pays for half of total cost

Announcements – none

Adjourned at – 6:59 p.m.

Project Demonstrations by – Emily, Zane, Chris

Refreshments provided by – none

Report by Cassidy Wall

November 2018 Goodtimes Club Report

Goodtimes 4H Meeting Minutes – November 5, 2018

 Members:  15                            Leaders:  2

Parents: 11                              Guests: 0

Meeting Attendees:   Trinity, Zane, Sidney, Oliver, Chase, Joseph, Josie, Jace, Saxon, Morgan, Cody, Emily, Chris, Cassidy, Hailey, Cassidy

Club Activity hand tapping game

 Prior Meeting Minutes and Correspondence

Approved by Josie seconded by Joseph

 Treasure Report

Approx 1500

Cody approved Cassidy seconded

Leaders Update

Thank you note to Eric Yeager

4H enrollment open

Emergency preparedness

Achievement night on saturday

Old Business


Can Bin

Trailer is ready

Able to paint

Signups for refreshments, demonstrations, and can bin

By Reporter Cassidy Wall

New Business

T shirts or sweatshirt designs

Price for next meeting

Only your name on the shirt

Black and green

Achievement Night

Held at lunchroom at Steamboat High School

Hayden Tree Auction December 2

Wreath and tree

Cassidy, Chris, Zane, Sydney, and Cassidy are on the commitee


County Council and leader meeting at 7 in the boardroom at Steamboat on Wednesday the 7th with new officers

Adjourned at       7:10

Project Demonstrations by no demonstrations

Refreshments provided by Hockaday Family

5 new members

March 2018 Goodtimes Club Report

This meeting, pledges were lead by Karyn Forbes and Leah Carrouth. We discussed Horse members being able to ride at Medora’s on Wed and Sundays.   We also reminded members when ID’s are due and when weigh ins are happening. We spent the remainder of the meeting preparing for the dance on March 17th at the granery, by cleaning up the granery. For new business we talked about the 2 new 4H projects; Bee Keeping and Robotics.

January 2018 Goodtimes Club Report

This meeting, pledges were lead by Emily Howe and Richard Hallenbeck. We discussed the County Council meeting on 1/10/18. Medora asked about who out of our club would be attending and Richard and Karyn agreed to go as members and Yvonne as a leader. Connie reminded everyone to go sign up for the 2018 year of 4-H. There are currently 28 members in the Goodtimes 4-H club. The club was reminded that parents and club members are encouraged to go to the junior leaders meeting in steamboat on 1/17/18. Members can register to go to Young Fest on Feb 9-11 online. The sign up for Leadership conferences for 15-19 year olds is online.The high school has donated the christmas tree back to our club and Hollie sutton and Yvonne Carrouth have agreed to go take it down from the high school foyer.

For new business we discussed hosting a Spring Fundraising Dance and talked about what we’d like to do for Club Fun day this year.  Last, we saw demonstrations by Morgan Capishki, Emily Hockaday and Joseph Hockaday.