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January 2020 Southside Club Report

In our business meeting for January we discussed future meetings and created various committees.  The committees are led by officers and take care of everything from fundraising to t-shirt designs.  It was also the first meeting with the new leadership.

By Chris Stone – Reporter

December 2019 Southside Club Report

For our December meeting, we rang bells at Safeway and Citi Market for a few hours.  Then went Christmas shopping for United Way at Walmart.  After that, we reconvened at the Fallons house for a party and our annual white elephant gift exchange.

By Chris Stone – Reporter

November 2019 Southside Club Report

In our last meeting of Southside, we held elections.

Here are the results:

President: Mattie Knutson

Vice President: Jack Colfer

Secretary: Jaycee May

Treasurer: Tinsley Wilkinson

Historian:  Ella Pietras, Lacey Sherrod, River King

Reporter: Christopher Stone

County Representatives: Grace Eck, Norah Pietras, River King

Submitted by Chris Stone, Reporter

May 2019 Southside Club Report

Tuesday May 14th 6:30 pm at Soda Creek.

Scholarships still needed, forms passed out to club members.

July 10th 4H fun day at Kvol ranch for Jr and intermediate members.

August 9-18th fair- discussed sign painting, ag experience booth, parade.

Club ranch tour in July.

May 18th Routt County Clean up day, Southside had 4 groups participating in clean up at different locations.

By Hanna Walzak, Reporter

April 2019 Southside Club Report

April activity for the club was at the hot springs pool for swimming.

By Hanna Walzak, Reporter

March 2019 Southside Club Report

Club meeting, march 12th 2019 at soda creek at 6:30 pm.

Shop at Elk River Farm and Feed and tell them you are part of Southside club.

Club dues are $25.

Group text for older club members.

Live stock kids start marketing.

It’s 4h fundraising time.

By Hanna Walzak, Reporter

February 2019 Southside Club Report

February was a fundraiser bake sale at Howelson Hill free ski Sunday on February 10th 2019.

By Hanna Walzak, Reporter

January 2019 Southside Club Report

At the meeting this month we talked about our February activity which is still being decided, a committee was formed for that.  At the meeting we also talked about 4H open house for ideas for the table Southside club would have.

December 2018 Southside Club Report

Officers met at Walmart to purchase holiday gifts for families in need. This was followed by the Southside holiday party at the Fallon’s house with with cookie decoration and a white elephant gift exchange.

By Hanna Walzak, Reporter

November 2018 Southside Club Report

This month we have some new people in a new position:

President: Ella Pietras

VP: Ezra Graham

Sec: Norah Pietras

Treasurer: Canden Wilkinson

Reporter: Hanna Walzak

Historians: River King, Steller Wright

County Council Representatives: Lucas Morter, Tommy Mewborn, Ella Pietras(as president).

Congrats to the club for winning 3rd place in Outstanding Club of the Year and to Canden for winning best secretary record book. They are both great achievements.

By Hanna Walzak, Club Reporter