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February 2020 Fairplay Club Report

Fairplay meeting was 1 / 29 / 20. After roll call and pledge Tami, Libby and Leona came in and talked to us about state-level meetings and our responsibility as 4-H members. Sean Struble and Kaitlyn Struble recapped the council meeting. The club decided to help with money for those who wanted to go to district retreat. I left a little early to make the robotics meeting. They still had to talk about fundraising and the March meeting.

Reporter Zack Coxon

December 2019 Fairplay Club Report:

Our holiday party and community service was held on December 15. First we rang bells at the grocery store. It was really cold. It was fun, and people were nice. We raised $129.00 during our time. But, we were all cold when we left. The holiday party was at Alpine bank. People brought Chili and treats. There was a white elephant gift exchange.

By:  Zack Coxon

November 2019 Fairplay Club Report:

November 20 was our fairplay meeting. The members all played a game of screaming toes.  Next we Elected new roles for this year.

President is Alivia Warren

Vice President is Leah Allen

Treasurer is Lloyd Warren

Secretary is Kristina Mitchell

Reporter is Zack Coxon

Historian is Levi Allen

Council Rep is Kaitlin Struble and Shawn Struble

Alternates are Alivia Warren and Kristina Mitchell

February activity is going to be ice skating.  Then the meeting ended.

Report by Zack Coxon

January 2017 Fairplay Club Report:

The January Business Meeting was started by Jimmy Colfer with a game of guess the murderer Jack Colfer then called the meeting to order.  The pledge of allegiance and the 4h pledge were done as was roll call.

The old minutes and treasurers’ report were given and approved.  We then discussed future meetings to decide dates and places. Jack and Jimmy Colfer gave a demonstration on how to make a motion. The meeting was adjourned by Jack.  Club report by Annabelle Stone.

November 15, 2016 Fairplay Club Report:

At the November 15, meeting, we held elections and the new officers are as follows: President, Jack Colfer, Vise pres. Jimmy Colfer

Secretary, Candon Wilkinson, Treasurer Amber Elliot, Reporter Annabelle Stone, Historian Tommy Mewborne, County Council Representatives Alivia Warren & Christopher Stone. We also discussed the United Way bell ringing and how much to spend on the Christmas gifts for United Way, and decided on $300 dollars -the same as last year. The ACE hotdog/bake sale   fundraiser will be on Sunday the 19th of November. The next meeting will be in January.  By Reporter Annabelle Stone