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What is a Cloverbud?

Cloverbuds are members from 5-7 years old who are not quite ready to participate in many of the projects and activities that the rest of the other 4-H members participate in.

What can Cloverbuds do?

The Cloverbud program is focused on participation, teamwork, and learning (not so much on competition). Several of our clubs host Cloverbud events during their regular monthly meetings, and our Routt County 4-H Junior Leaders host 5 Cloverbud workshops throughout the spring and summer to get our youngest members excited about 4-H.

Enrollment – $15/Cloverbud Member

Here is a LINK to how to enroll, and much more. Cloverbud members are not required to attend monthly meetings, but any member wanting to join the Cloverbud workshops must be enrolled as a Cloverbud member. Call our office with any questions – we are here to help you!

Cloverbud Workshops – see a full list of workshops here.

Please note – Cloverbud-aged children have limitations in what they can do physically, understand mentally, grasp emotionally, and how they interact socially, therefor activities for Cloverbuds are designed for youth ages 5-7. Special consideration is given to ensure emotional and physical safety. Activities that Cloverbuds do not participate in are:

  • Shooting sports
  • Raising animals
  • Baking
  • Launching rockets