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Equitable Parenting for Healthy Kids: Providers, Parents, and First Responders

Family conflict and divorce is a traumatizing time for parents, extended family, and children. This class takes three approaches to managing conflict, supporting equal parenting, and understanding how divorce impacts children and their healthy development. If you are a provider, including counselors, social workers, advocates, or therapists, this class explores implicit parental gender bias, understanding the importance of each parenting role and responsibility, and improving co-parenting practices for high-conflict divorce. This is also a great class for grandparents, family supporters, and those providing foster care. If you’re a parent,  the class unpacks similar developmental considerations, but has a stronger focus on valuing the co-parent’s role through the eyes of the children, with a focus on self-management and improved communication. For first responders, in addition to the developmental aspects of divorce, there is a focus on civil versus criminal behavior during high-conflict separations, and an interactive discussion regarding gender perceptions and officer discretion. If your organization, practice, or family would like to request any of these trainings online or in-person, please contact These classes are free and scalable to meet your needs.

Untherapy: Regulation, not Rumination

This class is for all ages, but is particularly helpful for adolescents and young adults. Many young people do not need intensive or regular therapy, but certainly need support and guidance in healthy living and growing healthfully away from thoughts and behaviors that are focused on problems. Identifying what is rumination can help individuals create strategies to improve regulation, the very processes needed for resilience, health, and wellbeing. This class includes a discussion of common concerns facing young people, identification of cyclical  thoughts overly focused on problems, and strategies for intentionally developing behaviors that help strengthen healthy habits.