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Animal ID Directions

In order to declare project animals in 4-H, market and non-market animals must be identified and uploaded to 4-HOnline. By identifying their animal online, members are declaring they have ownership of the animal and are the primary caregiver of their animal. If the animal is not housed on their property, members will need to fill out Animal Care and Housing form and submit it to the extension office by June 1 (or upload the form into their Animal IDs). Directions for completing the Animal ID online can be found below:


  • May 1: Horse, Dog
  • June 1: Market Beef, Market Sheep, Market Goats, Market Swine
  • July 1: Breeding Beef, Breeding Sheep, Breeding Goats, Breeding Swine, Breeding/Pet Rabbit, Breeding/Pet Poultry
  • July 10: Market Rabbit, Market Poultry

Animal ID Requirements

All members must complete Animal ID forms online (paper IDs are NOT be accepted) for each animal they intend to show in their project(s). Members can upload animals they want as backup, but they must include all animals identified in Animal ID in their record books.

Documents Needed

  • 3 Photos identifying animal (front, left side, right side)
  • Animal identification information (names, tags, etc.)
  • Animal Housing Form
  • Some Species – proof of vaccination
  • Some Species – breed registration forms
  • Beef – Brand Inspections

Members must have their animals properly identified online in order to be able to show them at fair. If the animal has not been properly identified, the member will not be able to show their animal at fair. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If there are any questions when completing Animal ID forms, members should contact the Routt County Extension Office.