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One of the project requirements for members to complete each year is 4-H record books. Record books may be difficult, but they teach members valuable skills such as, critical thinking, goal reflection, record keeping, financial planning, and much more. All members, regardless of their project, must complete and turn them in on time. More information on project requirements can be found in our Routt County 4-H Member Handbook, Policies, and Procedures.

Record Books Due July 27th, 2024 at Exhibit Day

General Recordbook Guide – this will help you fill out the following record books!

  • Creative Arts – This includes ceramics, heritage arts, photography, leathercraft, scrapbooking, filmmaking, and visual arts.
  • Family and Consumer Science – This includes artistic clothing, cake decorating, clothing construction, food and nutrition, and home design and decor.
  • Natural Resources – This includes beekeeping, entomology, gardening, outdoor adventure, shooting sports, sportfishing, wildlife, and welding.
  • Personal Development – This includes global citizenship, leadership, and self determined.
  • STEM – This includes computers, electricity, model rocketry, robotics & engineering, small engines, and woodworking.
  • Animals – This includes Veterinary Science, Cats, Horseless Horse projects that will be completed at Exhibit Day (Please Note: all livestock, companion animal, and horse record books can be found below).

Record Books Due September 17th, 2024 to the Routt County Extension Office

Club Record Books Due September 17th, 2024 to the Routt County Extension Office

Google Drive Record Books2023-2024 Pilot Program

Please let us know any comments, suggestions, issues, etc. on these record books. Since this is a pilot program, we want to make sure that any issues can be fixed for future years.