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Currently CSU Extension of Routt County uses ServiTech for all water testing needs in Routt County.  ServiTech water kits can be picked up in the CSU Extension office M-F anytime between 8 am-5 pm.  Click here to see ServiTech’s price list.

Lead.  If you’ve received a letter from the Water District alerting you to possible lead in your home, use the guidelines below to determine whether you should have your water tested.

  • Lead isn’t in the water but can be “leached” out of fixtures and solder joints.
  • The government outlawed the use of lead in these cases in 1986; homes and buildings built after 1986 have a very, very low chance of having any issues with lead.

If your home is built before 1986 and want to test, you’ll need a 1 liter bottle and fill it with water from your oldest faucet that has no remodeling since 1986 (i.e. you’re looking for the most likely culprit).  Let the faucet sit without running water for 24 hours, then put the first water in the bottle. Bring the bottle in to our office a we’ll send it to ServiTech.  It costs $26 to test just for lead; if you combine it with the drinking water test (without coliform) it’s $69. ServiTech will bill you directly for the test(s).

Bacteria. Do you want to know if your water is safe for human consumption and free of bacteria? Tests can be conducted to determine if coliform is present in your drinking water. Coliform bacteria are found in the intestinal tracts and fecal discharges of humans and all warm-blooded animals. To determine if your water is bacteriologically safe to drink, contact the Routt County Department of Environmental Health at (970) 870-5588. There are special collection techniques that need to be followed in order to perform a valid test.

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