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High Valley December Report 2019:

  • We had an unofficial meeting in December because half of are club had sports
  • We signed Christmas cards for the residents at Casey’s Pond
  • We decided to do concessions for the HS game on January 24th
  • We adjourned the meeting

By Charlee Trout

High Valley November Report 2019:

  • We met on November 12, 2019 at the SOROCO library
  • Everyone was present and we opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge
  • We had the reports from the officers
  • We discussed different fundraising opportunities- we didn’t decide which ones we wanted to do
  • We also discussed different community service opportunities
  • We decided to donate turkeys again to Lift Up for Thanksgiving and Mrs. Ramirez said she would get them and take them to Lift Up
  • We decided to do Christmas Cards for the residents at Casey’s Pond for the Holidays
  • We dismissed the meeting

By Charlee Trout

High Valley 4-H Meeting Report: October 2019

By: Charlee Trout

  • Our first meeting for the 2019/2020 4-H year was held on October 15, 2019 at 6:30 at SOROCO High School.
  • We called the meeting to order and all introduced our selves because we have some new members this year.
  • We did the American pledge and the 4-H pledge.
  • We had the reports from officers.
  • We talked about fundraisers and community service opportunities we would like to do as a club this year.
  • We talked about officer responsibilities and held our elections.
  • Our 2019/2020 officers are:

President- Greg Rubalcaba

Vice President- Bailey and Britney Iacovetto

Secretary- Natalie Kindsvater

Treasurer- Wyatt Trout

Historian/ Reporter- Charlee Trout

We had snacks and took pictures of the club and dismissed the meeting

2018-2019 High Valley Club Reports

10/9/18 – Officer elections and discussion on community service (turkey drive for Lift Up)>

11/12/18 – Discussed sweatshirts, holiday get together and turkey drive for Lift Up.

12/10/18 – Canceled due to weather.

1/17/19 – Discussed sweatshirts and 4H projects.

2/10/19 – Discussed record books and 4H sponsorships.

3/16/19 – Canceled due to weather.

4/16/19 – Discussed IDing 4H animals and weigh in information for 4H animals.

5/14/19 – Discussed July record book check, Ag Experience and bbq volunteer slots for fair, and demonstrations.

6/13/19 – Brief meeting during a break at the fair grounds while doing a breakfast fundraiser for Expo.

Discussed needs for fair, sweatshirts, and recordbooks.

7/1/19 – Club picked up trash at SoRoCo.  Club had a brief discussion of upcoming 4H deadlines.

7/7/19 – Fair clean up day.

7/27/19 – Discussed Club constitution and bylaws, handed out club sweatshirts, had lunch, and club member’s demonstrations.

8/14/19 – Club manned 4H truck raffle during the swine show.

8/17/19 – Club volunteered for the Ag Experience and the bbq.

8/22/19 – Photo pages for Historian book turned in.

8/23/19 – Record books turned into 4H office.

High Valley Club Report for October 9, 2018


Start- 4:11

Roll call- Bailey I.

Britney I.

Greg R.

Emi R.

Wyatt T.

Charlie T.

Pledge- Greg

Secretary report- Fair was good, and very fun!

Treasure report- dismissed

Community service-

  • Holiday drive?
  • Turkey drive?
  • Paint ram prints?

New officers-

president: Bailey Iacovetto

Vice President: Gregory Rubalcaba

secretary/ reporter: Britney Iacovetto

Treasure: Wyatt Trout

Historian: Emi Ramirez

Photographer: All club members

County council- take turns

End- 5:33

High Valley Club Reports November 2017 – August 2018

10/10/2017 – Reports on achievement night given by Emi Ramirez & Bailey and Tristan Singer.

Club voted on a community service project of providing 40 turkeys to Lift Up for the holidays.  New officers elected, Bailey Singer-President, Bailey Iacovetto-Vice President, Tristan Singer-Treasurer, Britney Iacovetto-Secretary, Emi Ramirez-Historian/Reporter/Photographer, Greg R.- County Council.

Club looking into having jackets made for the members.

11/11/17- Working meeting, concessions for high school football game.

12/12/17 – Meeting done by text.  Discussion-enrolment needs to be done by Dec 31, 2017.  Parents asked to enroll as leaders to help with the club and transportation for 4H events.  Club has decided to go out as a group to the Ore House on Dec 29, 2017.  Welcome new members the Trout Family. Club shirt order payments due.

12/29/17- Fun night out at the Ore House. Brief meeting.  Discussed success of Lift Up fund raiser.  Discussed t-shirt/vest orders. This meeting will count as our Jan. meeting.

2/13/18 – Meeting done by text due to weather.  T-shirt order. No new items of business.

3/13/18 – Discussed steer weigh.  April 8 Iffy pot luck coming up.  FFA record books can now be used.  Ideas for club vests.

4/10/18 – Discussion on upcoming sponsorships, community service project for the Routt County Livestock Judging Contest in Hayden on May 11 and painting picnic tables and hoof prints at the fairgrounds, upcoming weigh in information, quiz bowl and ranch tour date, and get animals registered.

5/8/18 – Discussed if we want to get together for a fun day, how record books are coming along, swine , lamb and goat weigh in coming up, community service project on May 11.

6/11/18 – Email meeting, get registered for 4H Fun day coming up, garlic is the topic for our “ag Experience” at fair, flood day July 18, ranch tour date and quiz bowl, record book checks, thank you letters and bbq tickets at next meeting.

7/15/18 – Ranch tours, quiz bowl, planning for fair, record book and invite/thank you letters checked.

8/14/18 – Decorating stalls, planning for volunteering at the BBQ, getting everyone situated and ready for showing.

8/18/18 – Club volunteered at BBQ.

8/19/18 – Good bye to our animals, supporting each other, and fair clean up.

Another awesome year of growth, learning, and being 4H families!!!

January 2017 High Valley Club Report

Attendance:  Bailey Singer, Bailey Iacovetto, Britney Iacovetto, Morgan Palyo, Greg R. were all in attendance.  Tristan Singer was absent.

Talked about the possibility of doing a food drive in March at Soroco.  We decided to go sledding at Saddleback Ranch on the 29th of January.  We talked about doing Valentine’s Day crafts at the next meeting.  We decided to do a taco bar for the concession stand on February 11th.  Everyone got their assignments on what to bring for the taco bar.  Next meeting is February 11th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Sorry I was late getting the December report to you.

December 2016 High Valley Club Report

Attendance:  Britney Iacovetto, Bailey Iacovetto, Bailey Singer, Morgan Palyo, Tristan Singer, and Greg R. was all in attendance.

No one was absent.   We have concessions set up for February 11th for a Soroco basketball tournament.  We talked about getting enrolled in 4-H and that it needs to be done by the end of the month. The next meeting will be January 10th.

Britney Iacovetto, High Valley 4-H Club Historian

November 2016 High Valley Club Report

Attendance: Morgan Palyo, Greg R., Bailey Singer, Bailey Iacovetto, Britney Iacovetto.  Not in Attendance:  Tristan Singer

The meeting started at 4:15 p.m. and was held in the high school commons area at Soroco.  We have a concession stand fundraiser set up for February 11th.

New officer elections were held and here are the results:

President- Bailey Singer

Vice President- Bailey Iacovetto

Secretary – Morgan Palyo

Treasurer – Greg R.

Historian/ Photographer – Britney Iacovetto

County Council Member – Greg R., Tristan Singer, Morgan Palyo

The next meeting will be December 13th.  The meeting was then adjourned at approximately 4:45 p.m.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Britney Iacovetto, High Valley 4-H Club Historian